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Islamic Azad University, Lebanon, Arabic language summer courses as short intensive courses (30 days) will be held as follows.

1 - the start date
Volume I: Classes begin on Thursday, 04/01/1391 to 30/04/1391 30 days

Volume II: Classes begin on Thursday, 06/01/1391 to 30/06/1391 30 days

2 - Planning:
A) Conversation, reading the press, spelling and composition 20 sessions lasting 1/30
B) reading of contemporary texts, proverbs 20 sessions lasting 1/30
C) TV, film, poetry and prose cassette and 20 sessions lasting 1/30
D) Ancillary workshops and publications in ISI method Essay
E) The logic of the argument

The classes are held daily in 3 sessions, 5 days a week.

3 - tourism program
A) visited south Lebanon (one-day tour, refreshments and lunch)
B) visit the shrine of Hazrat Khvlh son of Imam Hussain (AS) and other monuments
C) visit the Church of Mary (AS) and cave Jyta (one-day tour, refreshments and lunch)

4 - 3 star hotel near the Mediterranean Sea, with each room, 3 beds, $ 400 a month

5 - Training fees $ 500

Total receipts of $ 1,100 that each student will receive upon arrival in Lebanon.

Deadline in the first round of classes is 03/30/1391 up to 30/02/1391 and the second class.

Introduction of Islamic Azad University, Lebanon
University has more than 10 years in Lebanon, which has established academic unit. In these years, hundreds of students and the Lebanese Shiite Ghyrlbnany countries including Iran, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Yemen and ... These units are graduating college. The three centers in Beirut, Lebanon, Southern (Nbtyh) and Baalbek in the disciplines of Theology, educational management, computer engineering and political science at both undergraduate and master's works.
Islamic Azad University, founded in Lebanon in 1378 and began its activities in the same year, this unit has 4 learning center. Adopted and opened for undergraduate courses in the academic unit, and Theology (Islamic jurisprudence, the Qur'an and the Hadith, the philosophy and wisdom) educational management, computer engineering (software) and political science.
Degrees in Theology (jurisprudence, the Qur'an and the Hadith, the philosophy and wisdom) educational management, computer engineering (software) and Political Science for Master section has been approved.
In Beirut in 1300 and 23 600 square meters of teaching space, this unit is in Nbtyh.


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