The signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the National Iranian Drilling Company and University of Khuzestan

23 December 2015 | 12:52 Code : 1980 News

At the same time the second business day specialized exhibition of construction equipment for oil of Khuzestan, a cooperation agreement between the National Iranian Drilling Company and University of Khuzestan signed and exchanged.
Public Relations Ahvaz this agreement in place specialized exhibition of construction equipment for oil province of Khuzestan, the Islamic Azad University, represented by the Secretary of the Board of Trustees and chairman of doctor S. Lake Ahvaz and the Executive Branch with the responsibility to represent doctor Omidiyeh A. bulimia grant Bayram and National Iranian Drilling Company Heidar Bahmani, managing director of National Iranian Drilling Company was signed on behalf of.
Head unit on the conclusion of the contract Omidiyeh said the goals of Vision and the general policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the communication and collaboration between academic institutions, research and training as well as academic and research capabilities of the university this document collaboration with a focus on scientific cooperation research and specialized fields of oil is concluded.
A. bulimia Tabyrmy doctor said academia cooperation in strengthening the relationship between the university and the National Drilling Company in order to meet the cross and accelerate the development, utilization and protection of the identity of the parties to the agreement to accelerate the development process, honor and empower students and people working in universities and companies in the fields of science, research and education as well as the effective use of existing resources to achieve organizational goals Breyer two general objectives are considered memorandum.
Then Head of Research, Technology and Engineering Drilling Services said supporting graduate theses in the fields of drilling, oil and other fields related to the drilling industry, specialized conferences on campus and enterprise and scientific views of the most important aspects of this cooperation bilateral mutual use of laboratory and workshop facilities and professionals for specialized courses of two other cases mentioned in the agreement is considered.
Hadi Mohammadi added that the cooperation agreement with the pursuit of the head of the Islamic Azad University, Faculty of Petroleum Omidiyeh and it paid off campus.

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