Goals and major strategies

Now after 15 years this campus with stronger and more determined steps in the past and based on the strategic plan, its main mission is to develop science and technology, education, creative people, creating an atmosphere of vitality and enhance the quality of higher education and pursuing has established and defined the following objectives.

- Improve the quality of educational services

- Upgrade and implement research at the University

- Correct and efficient management of human and financial resources

- Continuously increase the satisfaction level of students, faculty and staff

- Development of students creative and entrepreneurial

- Establishment of an Islamic human values ​​at the university level

- The development of graduate courses at graduate and Ph.D.

- Increase national and international interactions University

-Nyazsnjy Of capturing faculty

- Tasks related to the call for faculty members

- Perform all administrative matters relating to recruitment of faculty members

- The Secretariat of the Central Committee to monitor the uptake and how to call for the university to attract business

- Develop procedures to attract faculty

- Complaints and the colleges and applicants

- Proposals on the regulations relating to faculty

The prospect of Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, as a valid scientific center, it is in addition to the training of skilled manpower, the most important role in the production of knowledge in the province and the country as a center of excellence in the South West Shvd.bdvn doubt the impact and effectiveness of the services that initially Dear students, staff great and venerable members of the faculty and external space are aware of the goals, programs and activities at the University, to support, encourage and guide us in implementing the tasks and fulfill the mission and Mission of the University will play a major role.