About Khuzestan, Ahvaz

Khuzestan province in southwestern Iran with an area of ​​64,236 square kilometers in the range of 47 degrees and 42 minutes to 50 degrees and 39 minutes east longitude and 29 degrees 58 minutes to half Alnhargrynvych 32 degrees and 58 minutes north of the equator, located in the province of North the province, the northeast of the province, the North West to the East and Southeast Ilam province to province, and the south to the Persian Gulf for you Kohgiluyeh Boyer and the West in Iraq is limited. Khuzestan has 20 city and 47 city and 46 districts and 126 villages with a population of 3,746,772 people, with 644,040 households in the province.

Including the provinces of Khuzestan during the eight-year war injuries and damage. Long occupation of some areas of the province, permanent bombard towns and some land and air strikes in the cities of Dezful, take, Sousangerd, Ahwaz, Susa, Shadegan Andymeshk and many other areas, are all causes great damage to the natural and human capital and infrastructure, cultural, social and economic respectively