Staff of scarifying

Presidential adviser and director of the Veterans Affairs Ali Hussein lamp

Expert witness and Veterans Affairs: Mr. G. Bhdarvndyan

Telefax: 061133348307

Key members of staff in the unit:

1-chairman of the university as chief of staff

2. Student Assistant Branch as Vice President

3. Educational Assistant Branch

4. The general manager or director of university education

5-one faculty adviser to the president of the University of judgment Staff Secretary

6. Two student representative Vaysargr control with the introduction of Staff Secretary and head of the ruling

7-Secretary of scarifying unit

8-president of the Foundation martyr in the city or the province.

9. Cultural Foundation Vice martyr in the city or the province.

10. Head of the Higher Education Foundation martyr in the city or the province.

Visiting members of each case and the agenda at the invitation of Secretary of the Committee may participate in the meeting:

11. Research Assistant university

12. Administrative and Financial Assistant university

13. The cultural deputy university

14-other managers and professionals or university martyr Foundation and Veterans Affairs

The main tasks of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs

1 - supervising the implementation of circulars and regulations relating to students scarifying unit and training centers, Islamic Azad University

2 - The problems students scarifying and provide appropriate solutions to alleviate the problems students

3 - Do scarifying transfer students based on regulations set by the University

4 - monitor the implementation of strengthening and elevating the status of martyrs and veterans students of Islamic Azad University

5 - holding regional and national meetings as well as workshops for teachers scarifying headquarters of the Islamic Azad University

6 - meetings at the headquarters of the Central Organization of Islamic Azad University scarifying

7 - Check scarifying IAU campaign performance reports and ongoing relationships with teachers Staff


Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Administration Islamic Azad University
44662676 (21) 98
Tehran Poonak field - HESARAK - University Square - the Central Organization of the Islamic Azad University